Monster pothole opens up on main road into Canterbury

The crater has opened up at the foot of Whitstable Road close to Canterbury Rock

A gigantic hole has opened up on one of the busiest roads in Canterbury.

It sits at the foot of the A290 Whitstable Road close to the junction with Forty Acres Road and the Canterbury Rock record shop.

Adam Wilkinson, who spotted the hole, said: “It’s the sort of pothole that could really damage your car if you went over it the wrong way, a real car killer.

“I appreciate it’s the time of year for potholes, but this is one the roads people should get out and fix quickly. It’s a major route in and out of Canterbury and has loads of buses using it.”

The hole opened up the week after the Canterbury Journal revealed that one of the most poorly maintained roads in the city is Tower Way.

Tower Way is pitted and cracked almost of its entire length

Almost the complete length of it is uneven, pitted and covered in loose stones.

Kent County Council is responsible for 5,400 miles of roads in the county.

The authority is spending £5.2 million filling potholes during the winter.

KCC’s Matthew Balfour said: “Potholes are one of the biggest bugbears for our residents and remain one of our top priorities each year.

“People often assume these are quick and temporary fixes but I can assure you these are not. We do a quality, first time fix, and do not expect to be back out again fixing the same pothole.

“All this work isn’t to suggest we don’t need people’s help in reporting potholes. We can’t be everywhere all the time and so I’d encourage people to go online and report potholes so we can arrange for them to be filled.”

Potholes can be reported to KCC via its website.



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