Lord Mayor unveils new tree outside city police station

Cllr Colin Spooner, the Lord Mayor of Canterbury, with Ch Insp Mark Weller and members of OHSCA

Cllr Colin Spooner, the Lord Mayor of Canterbury, has unveiled a new tree outside the city’s police station.

The tree, a ginkgo, was donated by members of the Oaten Hill and South Canterbury Association (OHSCA).

It replaced a silver birch which had died.

Cllr Spooner, himself a former policeman, was joined by Canterbury and Dover district commander Ch Insp Mark Weller and OHSCA members.

Sophie Scott, leader of OHSCA’s Green Team, said: “Our residents’ association has been going for more than 40 years.

“We try to improve our area and we think the police deserve a good tree. The road outside the police station is very busy and has poor air quality. A tree will help a little.”

Ginkgo trees are also known as maidenhair trees and can are as old as the time of dinosaurs 150 million years ago.

They were first brought to Britain in 1762 and are known to withstand pollution well.

OHSCA chairman Dick Vane-Wright said the new tree was a symbol of long life, durability and hope.

He said: “At this time of ever-increasing concern over climate change and pollution, we should be doing everything we can to safeguard our existing trees and, wherever possible, plant more.”

Det Insp Fred McCormack added: “We are very proud of our new tree and see it as a bond between ourselves and the local community.”


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