Lib Dems select Canterbury barrister as MEP candidate


The Liberal Democrat Party has selected Canterbury Crown Court barrister Antony Hook to run in the European elections scheduled to take place on 23 May, if Theresa May’s government is still unable to ratify a deal with Brussels.

Hook, who lives in Faversham, also ran in 2014 and narrowly missed out, leaving the Lib Dems with just one MEP.

Hook told the Journal: “Liberal Democrats are determined to give a voice to the millions of people who demand better than Brexit Britain.

“With 16 years’ service as a barrister including with international experience, I believe I am well-placed to skilfully represent South East England in Brussels at this critical moment for our country.”

Under the d’Hondt system, voters put a cross against the party they wish to vote for, and seats are allocated according to the total number of votes a party receives. Candidates at the top of the list are the first to receive seats. Hook is second on the list behind incumbent Catherine Bearder.

The south east elects ten MEPs, and standing against Hook will be Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage, whose nascent organisation has already built up considerable support in the polls.

A questionnaire of party members on the ConservativeHome website found 62% of Tory members are set to vote for the Brexit Party.

While Brexit supporters deserting Labour and the Conservatives have found sanctuary with the Brexit Party, Remain supporters’ loyalties are being wooed by several smaller parties, including the newly-formed Change UK, but Hook believes the Lib Dem Party is the natural home for opponents to Brexit.

“The Lib Dems have a grass-roots membership of over 100,000. We are the people who will be knocking on doors, delivering leaflets, and winning public support.

“We were willing to work with other Remain groups, but our overtures have been rebuffed.

“Therefore, the best option for anyone wanting to vote for Remain is the Liberal Democrats.”

Elections will be held on 23 May.


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