Graffiti removed from former Canterbury kebab shop

Painters take a rest in the morning sun after covering graffiti which had been sprayed on the former Westgate Kekab Shop

Graffiti sprayed on to the outside of the former Westgate Kebab Shop in Canterbury has been painted over.

Painters were out early this morning working on the building which sits on the corner of North Lane and St Dunstan’s Street.

Canterbury City Council had warned the building’s owner to remove the graffiti.

Otherwise, the council said, it would do the work itself and charge him for it.

There had been concerns that a building with graffiti on it in such a prominent location was a blight on Canterbury just as the busy tourist season starts.

The kebab shop closed last year and was then struck by a fire in October, causing damage to an upstairs area.


  1. So…theres no CCTV cameras anywhere? Well…it,s probably going to happen again then…is not graffiti classed as criminal damage? And…the victim has had to payout for painters? Because the council didn,t like it? Well..i don,t suppose the owner did. Big fines for the offence(gotta keep the courts ticking over) and big compensation payout to the victim,thats for the paint job. Deterrents?????


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