GP to discuss mental health in young people

GP Timothy Noble has discussed mental health issues

What is it that makes some young people happy and others depressed and sad? This is the subject of a talk to be given later this month by city GP Dr Timothy Noble.

Is it to do with family and childhood experiences or with fundamental social and psychological problems?

What are the trigger factors in Canterbury that lead to loneliness and depression? Are there sufficient counselling services available and what can we do to improve the mental health and happiness condition of the 15 per cent of those in need?

This is particularly pressing community issue for Canterbury with its high young person population.

Dr Noble is the senior partner at the University of Kent Medical Centre in Giles Lane and confronts these issues on a daily basis.

He has been practicing in Canterbury for the past 24 years and in his talk, he will share his experience of the most challenging issues and how these can be better tackled in our city.

The talk, organised by the Canterbury Society, will take place at St Peter’s Methodist Church Hall, St Peter’s St., Canterbury, at 7.30pm on Thursday, 15th November.

Admission is free and open to all members of the public.


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