Surprise, surprise: It’s going to be cold

25's going to be cold

Apparently, it’s going to be chilly in Canterbury this week.

Nah, get away, we can hear you say. ‘Tis true, though – the Met Office says so.

And apparently entirely predictable climatic conditions for this time of year is a source of surprise. It’s all over the local media and on social media where people can be relied to offer piercing insights such as: “It’s cold out here.”

Ah, some might say, but we Brits are known for our love of talking about the weather.

Well, yes. But so do many other peoples of the world. People who live in places with weather actually worth talking about.

Do you think the good burghers of upstate New York keep schtum when it dumps 10ft of snow in a single night?

Canterbury is 4 degrees Celsius today (February, 5). To put this in some context, it’s zero in Berlin, -12 in Moscow, -14 in Chicago and -32 in the Siberian city of Oymyakon.

So let’s just accept that it’s a bit cold – entirely normal for this kind of year.