Coronavirus: locals call for action on climate change after lockdown ends


By John Yard

Out of most emergencies new opportunities are created. And the one that is coming from our current crisis might be the realisation that we can live in a much more sustainable way.

None of us needs to sign up now to Greta Thunberg’s ’No flying’ pledge this year. Coronavirus has put most of our names down on the list for us. And many of us are finding that there is far more to explore in the park down the road than we thought there might be in a park on the other side of the world.

Although coronavirus is a current and pressing health emergency we should not lose sight of the fact that we are also experiencing a climate emergency, as a result of which, many people around the world are also dying. So at a time when many are asking themselves what life will be like “post-Covid 19″, we at Canterbury Climate Action Partnership are launching an information campaign to help you to think about how you can fit into this new world.

We tell you in a new information leaflet “It’s time for a grown-up conversation” that everyone needs to be making preparations for a resilient future. We say, for instance: “Planning for a lifestyle that involves buying and travelling less makes sense. In the short term it will save money and give us more time. In the long run it will make you and your family more resilient, happier and healthier.”

More about CCAP, our action plan and the details of the campaign can be found on our website


  1. Climate was changing all the time during the Earth history. It’s not something stable. “Fighting climate change” has as much sense as fighting sunsets.

  2. Thanks, John and CCAP. It is absolutely awful what is happening but the air is certainly much fresher at the moment and it is so quiet and peaceful. One can hear the birds for a change. And some are experiencing a slower life. Hopefully many will feel this is preferable to the rushed and ever faster destructive life.


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