Your chance to introduce wolf cubs to their new woodland home

Wolf cubs at Wildwood are about to enter their new home

Four wolf cubs at Wildwood on Herne Common are ready to be enter their new spacious woodland home.

Born to parents Odin and Nuna, they have now completed inoculation process, making it safe for them to venture into their woodland habitat.

And one lucky visitor to the park on Saturday will have the chance to release them into their new home.

Wildwood says it is proud of the new woodland enclosure, which sits over two floors and which will allow visitors right into the heart of their lair.

Wildwood director general Paul Whitfield said: “Our ranger and keeper team have created a magnificent new home for our wolves.

Four wolf cubs were born at Wildwood

“Our vision is to enable people to immerse themselves inside the wolves’ woodland world.

“The new wolf cubs will be able to enjoy their huge new enclosure displaying many of the behaviours of a wild wolf pack, acting as ambassadors for our charitable mission to return wolves to Britain.”

Parents Nuna and Odin were brought into the UK from Switzerland and Sweden and are both two years old.

They were initially shy, but have undergone an extensive period of bonding under the guidance of keepers and have become an inseparable and loving couple as well as becoming experienced parents to their offspring.

Peter Smith, the strategic director at Wildwood, added: “It is the Wildwood Trust’s mission to continue to educate and inspire visitors on the facts about this animal, and their arrival to Wildwood cites the beginning of what will be an exciting campaign and research project.

“Wolves played an incredibly important role in our history, shaping our own evolution, culture and our landscape. It’s a great privilege to have these magnificent animals at our Canterbury site to continue to help us tell their story.”

Anyone who visits Wildwood before 10.30am on Saturday, July 28 will be given a raffle ticket. A lottery will be drawn and the winner will be able to release the wolves to their new home at 11am.


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