You don’t actually have to fly-tip to get done for fly-tipping

Fly-tipping blights the Canterbury district

Canterbury City Council is warning people looking to dispose of large amounts of waste not to fall foul of fly-tipping rules.

The authority will prosecute those whose rubbish is fly-tipped even if they didn’t dump it themselves.

And it is warning home and business owners that they should make sure they use reputable waste disposal firms.

A council spokesman said: “If the price being offered by a man in a van or anyone else is too good to be true, it probably is. Criminal responsibility does not stop with those who physically dump the rubbish.

“If you pay someone to take away your waste and they are not registered with the Environment Agency you will be liable if your rubbish is found in a country lane, a field or by the roadside.

Rubbish cleared from lay-bys in Bishopsbourne

“You too could be fined or brought before the courts.”

Last year a man was ordered to pay more than £3,000 after dumping rubbish he collected from a builder in Littlebourne.

Council enforcement officers also use tools such as CCTV evidence to target offenders.

They seized a 7.5 tonne Iveco truck during a raid at Prospect Farm in Greenhill, near Herne Bay, last year under new powers designed to target fly-tippers.

The vehicle was not taxed or insured. It had been videoed dumping rubbish on the grounds of the former Share and Coulter pub next door.

The council spokesman added: “It is your responsibility to check people are taking your rubbish to somewhere it can be disposed of correctly.

“Feel free to ask them questions about where it’s going, if they are licensed and ask to see it. Always make a note of the vehicle registration, colour and make. It helps us track offenders.”

Anyone wishing to report fly-tipping in the Canterbury district can do so here.


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