Yorkshire pudding wraps on a cold, rainy day? Yes, please!

Rob Wheatley and Sam Harris with their roast food

For a lot of us beer users, there’s nothing better on a cold miserable than to sit next to a pub fireplace to warm up. The Parrot at St Radigund’s is very good, for example.

But if you fancy being made nice and warm from the inside, then the Yorkshire pudding wraps on sale in St George’s Street could be for you.

Rob Wheatley and partner Sam Harris, who are both 48, are now into their second week, trading on Wednesday and Friday market days.

Rob, from Folkestone, said: “We wanted to do something a bit different and saw an opportunity to do that.

“And unlike a lot of the ones you see on tv, we make our own flat Yorkshires. They’re delicious.”

The Yorkshire wraps cost £6. They come with pork, beef or turkey – or all three meats – plus stuffing, potatoes, veg and gravy.

And so if you’re asking me whether I would like a Yorkshire pudding wrap on a day like today, then the answer is: yes, please!


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