Year-long work to build new multi-storey car park to start in days

How the car park will look when built

Canterbury City Council will begin the construction of its £9.1 million multi-storey car park on Monday, March 4.

The 380-space structure in Station Road West will take a year to build and is intended to meet additional demand for spaces at the city’s West train station.

During the planning phase, the car park provoked opposition from critics who fear it will worsen congestion and pollution in the St Dunstan’s area.

While the work takes place, drivers will be able to use the temporary car park at the end of Station Road West and the council has said it will try to minimise any disruption.

Cllr Ben Fitter-Harding, the Conservative council’s property and regeneration chairman, said: “Our investment in this car park will provide parking capacity for this area of Canterbury for decades to come and help smaller, independent traders in St Dunstan’s.

“It is also much-needed new infrastructure to support an expanding city, with thousands of new homes and an increase in high-speed rail services both in the pipeline, and helps us deliver our vision for an improved integrated transport hub at Canterbury West.”

With a city council election taking place on May 2, city Lib Dems have vowed to scrap the car park if they win control of the council from the Conservatives.

Their manifesto pledge states: “We will work with Network Rail to create an integrated transport hub and we’ll make sustainable transport a priority.

“We will create more space for buses, bikes and taxis, and still provide the extra parking Canterbury needs for commuters and shoppers.”


  1. Essential part of the story missing here, I think: “While the work takes place, drivers will be able to use the temporary car park at the end of Station Road West and the council has promised to…” ???

  2. The belief that this monstrosity will be needed to accommodate cars belonging to people moving into new housing developments such as Mountfield Park rather contradicts the misleadingly seductive claims by the developers that the traffic impact of their schemes will be minimal

    So who is right,??!!

    On the bright side this horrible building will only blight Canterbury for 25 years at most by when quite different modes of getting around will be comonplace

  3. The financial predictions for the MSCP show a continual compound growth in demand for this project at the same annual rate.However by 2030 there will be many autonomous cars and by 2040 a significant number. That’s just 21 years away. These vehicles will not need city centre parking.

    A prediction of constant commuter growth is worrying. Hopefully we will find better ways to work without people living miles away from their employment. If so the over optimistic growth of demand will not be correct. Why do all business plans show an upward curve of demand?

    Financially the project is said to “pay for itself” but at the end of 27 years it is assumed to be demolished so there is no final asset value.

    Then there is the cost of demolition and if we are trying to be sustainable we should not construct buildings.

    Apart from issues of air quality and ugliness the council tax payer is being given another risky deal.

  4. I meant “not construct buildings that have such a short life”…in case someone thinks I’m trying to destroy the Construction industry!


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