Why would anyone just throw hundreds of bottles of wine away?

Spanish wine Castillo De Salobrena is non-alcoholic

Hundreds of bottles of wine were found dumped in Manston Road near Ramsgate today.

Believed to have been stolen, they were placed into bags and left at the side of the carriageway.

Now why might the thieves have done that?

The bottles look all right in the pictures taken of them.

The Iberian Peninsula, meanwhile, is home to delectable alcoholic beverages such as Sangria.

And the name on the dumped bottles’ label Castillo De Salobrena sounds tempting enough.

There’s just one snag: Castillo De Salobrena is non-alcoholic.

Oh, can’t you just hear the sound of the thieves’ horror. Noooooo!!!

Their value on the east Kent black market must be nil…

  • By the way, the boss wants to do celebrate all the pubs long since passed in Canterbury. If you have any pictures, stories or information of those no longer with us like the Leopard’s Head or the Vauxhall Tavern or the Coach Horses email editor@canterburyjournal.co.uk


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