Which side did our MPs sit in yesterday’s key Brexit vote?

MPs were discussing the Lords' "meaningful vote" amendment

Canterbury and Whitstable MP Rosie Duffield voted against the government in yesterday’s key Brexit debate in the House of Commons.

MPs spent six hours discussing the EU Withdrawal Bill before voting whether to endorse or reject the Lords’ demand for a “meaningful vote” in the House of Commons on the final Brexit deal.

The amendment would have given Parliament a greater hand if MPs reject whatever deal the government eventually strikes with Brussels.

The Labour MP’s constituency narrowly voted to remain in the European Union in the referendum of June 2016.

She has made no secret of the fact that she supported Remain and has been sharply critical of the government’s handling of the negotiations.

Rosie Duffield on the 2017 campaign trail 

A year ago she replaced Conservative Sir Julian Brazier, a staunch Leaver, as MP.

Meanwhile, Dover MP Charlie Elphicke, elected as a Conservative, but now sitting as an independent, voted for aye – with the government.

The same went for North and South Thanet MPs Sir Roger Gale and Craig Mackinlay, Folkestone and Hythe MP Damian Collins and Faversham MP Helen Whately.

They were giving their support to a motion to reject the Lords’ amendment 19, which Leave campaigners claim was an attempt to thwart Brexit, but others argue would have prevented the Theresa May’s government steering the economy off a cliff edge.

The government avoided off a potentially humiliating defeat by offering a last-ditch concession to potential rebels – and won with a majority of 26. However, further challenges lie ahead as MPs vote whether to preserve single market access later today (Wednesday).

While the Canterbury and Whitstable constituency and the city of Canterbury itself voted to Remain in the European Union, the city council area which includes Herne Bay voted 51% to 49% to leave the EU.


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