When did it become acceptable to drive like an idiot on city roads?

Bob Britnell has concerns about city drivers (file pic: there is no suggestion that any vehicle in this picture is being driven badly)

Yesterday in M&S my wife was almost mowed down by a mother walking at right angles to her while facing in the other direction.

Nothing unusual in that, but it made me think that sort of thing should be unusual.

A a seasoned motorist I am used to people driving as if there is nobody else on the road, tailgating on motorways, overtaking on the near side and so on.

I guess I’ve experienced every aspect of bad driving there is in more than 50 years oif motoring, but it’s getting worse and frankly on roundabouts it’s lucky its not carnage.

When did it become ok to overtake on the nearside of a roundabout so the experienced driver in the outside lane going straight ahead, as taught, finds someone else wants his lane because they’ve been taught differently?

And my pet hate, why do drivers think it’s best to enter a roundabout with their foot flat down on the accelerator, thus ensuring that they almost ram a car entering from the next arm of the roundabout?

And off roundabouts, what about the people coming the other way who won’t pull over a bit so that you can pass a parked car? You think “pull over, you’re not driving a bus” but no, why should they make your day easier?

It’s madness. Fortunately, my old dad taught me to drive to avoid other people’s accidents and so far I’ve done that pretty much successfully. But why should I have to?

It seems to me that just like the errant M&S shopper, most drivers are either in a world of their own, unaware of what is happening around them or more worryingly they couldn’t care less about other road users.

Perhaps that’s the world we live in: never mind if we inconvenience others so long as we’re ok. I prefer to think it’s inattention, but sadly I can’t be sure.


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