“Went to meet fat older lady, took magic mushrooms and was sick over her”

The Seven Stars in Orange Street, Canterbury

A man who says he visited Canterbury’s Seven Stars pub has left a bizarre review on a beer website.

In it he claims to have gone to the Orange Street boozer to meet a 49-year-old American woman who weighed 23 stone.

He says that despite being only 23, he was “smitten” by the woman he calls Gill.

“In the end, however, I got off my face on a mixture of magic mushrooms and Bailey’s and threw up in her lap,” he writes.

His review appeared on the Beer in the Evening website, which carries reviews about 45,000 pubs and bars in the UK, and was found by a friend of mine researching city centre pubs.

He then claims that because of his state, he was unable to remember much about the pub.

Pub Spy can only wonder whether he “threw up” this load of nonsense as well…


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