Well, I’m not Nostradamus but I seem to be hitting the spot!


It would seem that despite being born 500 years later than Nostradamus my predictions, whilst not in verse as his were, are coming to pass.

For this I admit of no supernatural powers just the study of a quality daily newspaper and an understanding of the people we have become during my lifetime.

At the end of May, I wrote about the curse of obesity, suggesting we needed a national campaign akin to an anti-drink driving campaign to curb over indulgence, pointing out that obesity is clearly linked to type 2 diabetes.

In July I wrote about the pressure on the NHS, born in crisis and in crisis ever since. This week I read that diabetes in-patient care costs the NHS £2.5 billion – 11 % of the total health budget.

I do not for one moment assume that all of that cost went to treating type 2 diabetes or that all type 2 diabetes is self-inflicted by over-eating, but we know that over-eating and drinking and eating the wrong foods can lead to type 2 diabetes.

We know that treating that diabetes puts extra strain on the health service.

It’s not rocket science to suggest that if we all had a healthier lifestyle it could save the NHS millions.

In mid-September I wrote about “climate change”, suggesting it wasn’t necessarily mankind’s doing, it was probably impossible to stop it anyway and we should plan for its consequences instead of putting all our eggs in one basket marked “stop industrialisation now” and carried by a bunch of luddites.

Last week we re-learnt what a fudge, or what a scam the Paris Climate Change Accord was. China, the world’s largest emitter of CO2 is busily building new coal fired power plants which will add 25% to its coal fired output, doubling its emissions by 2030.

This should be no surprise it is what they said they would do, build new power stations to support a developing economy. India of course is following the same path.

This is a path that we took more than 200 years ago, so we cannot be surprised that they are following it. The surprise is that anybody is surprised. The Paris accord specifically allowed developing nations to develop and it was only us in the west who were mad enough to seek to stunt our economic growth by restricting the supply of cheap power.

That, of course is why the US pulled out of the Paris accord, they recognised it’s a sham, as any reductions we make in emissions is more than offset by China’s increase.
Of course, the US has cut its emissions by developing shale gas deposits, we could do the same if it wasn’t for the pro-agrarian, anti-industry, anti-capitalist green movement which seems to want to drag us back to the 17th century.

Lastly, just a fortnight ago, I wrote about what a whinging nation we have become, always wanting someone else to pick up the tab for our own mistakes.

I highlighted the campaign for the banks to pay compensation to people who erroneously paid large sums of money to fraudsters posing as car vendors, builders and even their own solicitors. I predicted then that as with the FloodRe scheme it would finish up with the public paying for any compensation scheme that was set up.

What do you know, this week a report comes out that the banks are suggesting that, just like the FloodRe scheme, all financial transactions should pay a small levy to allow for compensation to victims of fraud scams?

Yes, good people, you and I who are totally blameless, should compensate the victims of crimes in which we were not involved, does that sound fair to you?


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