Weeks of roads misery ahead of Christmas as multi-storey work gets underway

Artists impression of Station Road West car park
An artist's impression of how Station Road West will look after the work is complete

Drivers are facing weeks of roads misery as the council begins work on its controversial Station Road West multi-storey car park.

The authority has announced that the £9.1 million project will formally begin on Monday, November 12 – as the frantic Christmas shopping season gets underway.

First will a sewer will need to be diverted with temporary traffic lights at times and a full closure of Station Road West at others over an 11-week period.

Between Monday, November 12 and Sunday, November 25 there will be two-way temporary lights.

Then from Monday, November 26 to Saturday, December 15 Station Road West will be closed to through traffic, with a diversion along St Dunstans Street and North Lane. 

Colin Carmichael, council chief exec

The road will then reopen January 2 when it will again fully close for six weeks.

During the road closures, a new entrance and exit for Station Road West car park will be created at the St Dunstan’s Street end. This will also allow entry to the railway station car park.

Access to the overflow station car park and the council’s temporary car park near The Spires will not be possible from St Dunstan’s Street. Traffic will have to enter via North Lane.

Work on the 380-space car park will begin when the sewer diversion is complete. No date has been set for that.

The council says the car park is needed to meet the demand for spaces in this part of the city over the next 32 years.

Chief executive Colin Carmichael said: “We’re now able to confirm the timetable for the enabling work for this important and much-needed project for Canterbury, which ensures the parking requirements of residents, visitors and railway station users are met for many years to come.

We also know how much the businesses in that area of the city need this car park for their customers to use. The importance of this is often overlooked, but it is part of our commitment to traders in and around St Dunstan’s.

“The car park will feature the very latest camera and barrier technology, 20 electric vehicle charging spaces initially, with more planned for the future, and a large number of blue badge and parent and child spaces on the ground floor.

It will serve an area of Canterbury that is only going to get busier in the years ahead as the population increases. By going ahead with the project now, we are demonstrating we are planning for the future and providing the city with the infrastructure it needs.”


  1. The Council is rushing forward with the disruption, rather than wait until after the busy Christmas period, because they’re worried about the May local elections overturning the Conservative majority. All common sense suggests that it’s ridiculous to have this disruption in the busiest trading time for retailers. No joined up thinking! Time for change!

  2. How reassuring to learn that Canterbury is now only 50 years behind the rest of the world with its transport planning.

    It’s anticipation of a substantial increase in private motor car use is uniquely visionary in Western Europe and we should be grateful for such foresight and the demise of modal shift safe in the knowledge that one of the Cllrs who voted for it on the grounds that “it will save me driving around the City searching for space” can carry on regardless.

    Bravo you have rendered the rest of us great service

  3. I can say with confidence it will be a ‘Car-bunkle’!

    I try and avoid commenting on the appearance or function of a building before it’s built, but It is not in-keeping with the aesthetic of the street and adds no value to street. The metallic cladding will date and tarnish quickly. I would expect it in Maidstone or Gravesend, not historic Canterbury.

    This building is the ‘white noise’ of architecture. It’ll be irritatingly in the back ground yet unmissable.

  4. In terms of unbridled genius, it’s right up there with Westgate Towers traffic flow scheme, which I am sure everyone remembers that with great fondness, or the decision to purchase a further 50% of the Whitefriars Shopping Centre just as the retail sector collapses across the UK.

    Bravo !!

  5. Anyone who went to the brilliant lecture by Ptolemy Dean on Thursday evening will recognise what an unnecessary monster this is. It would even be out of place in Luton (sorry Luton citizens). Of course no Tory Cllrs there to hear of their folly, nor any planning officers either. Shame on them all.

  6. I’ve yet to meet anyone who thinks this is a good idea. A blatent attempt by the ruling tories to force this through before they risk getting elected out next May.

    If each Tory councillor can provide me with a list of just 100 residents outside their own party who think it’s a good idea, I’ll reconsider. Best of luck with that.


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