Weather in Canterbury set to change in coming days


What a week we’ve had in Canterbury. Unseasonably high temperatures in the mid-20s made it feel more like mid-July than mid-April.

Today is set to reach another balmy 22C with a mixture of sunshine and some clouds.

But make the most of it, say forecasters, as it will start to noticeably cool down, restoring temperatures more normal for the time of year.

Tomorrow we can expect a high of 21C – and then things will begin to change.

Monday is forecast to reach just 16C and by Friday, it will feel a very cool 13C. And there’s more bad news: the cool conditions are set to persist well into early May.

Tomorrow, meanwhile, sees the running of the London Marathon when the capital could see some rain.

There are concerns, however, that high temperatures could affect runners taking part in the 38th marathon.

In 1996 and 2007, temperatures rose as high as 25C with thousands of runners collapsing and having to be treated for heat-related illnesses.

Met Office forecaster Will Lang said: “Many people will be happy to hear that the warm conditions are forecast to stay around for the weekend, although there will be some heavy thundery showers to watch out for at times.

“If you are out enjoying the weather remember to protect yourself from the sun, which is now at full strength.

“For those running the marathon, make sure you stay up-to-date with the forecast as there will be high temperatures and humidity to contend with. Stay hydrated and listen to advice from the event organisers.”

Cricket fans planning to spend next weekend watching Kent’s match against the touring Pakistanis at Canterbury’s St Lawrence Ground would be advised to dress up warm. Temperatures are forecast to be just 13C or 14C.


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