Watchdog condemns ex-MP for taking job without informing authorities

Sir Julian Brazier was Canterbury and Whitstable MP between 1987 and 2017

Ex-Canterbury and Whitstable MP Sir Julian Brazier has been criticised by Commons watchdogs for taking jobs linked to the security and defence industries without properly informing them.

The former junior defence minister failed to inform the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments (Acoba) before beginning work at security firm Pathway.

Sir Julian was the city’s Conservative MP between 1987 and 2017 when he lost his seat to Labour’s Rosie Duffield in one of the shock results of last year’s general election.

He had been a defence minister in David Cameron’s government between July 2014 and July 2016.

Acoba has published a number of letters on its website about Sir Julian’s conduct.

It said that given his work as a defence minister Sir Julian should not work with the government until two years after he had left his role as a minister due to the “significant risk” he would be “perceived” to be breaching lobbying rules.

Acoba chairman Angela Browning formally criticised Sir Julian in a letter for failing to inform the committee of his jobs.

She wrote: “It is regrettable the committee again finds itself in [this] position.”

As well as working for Pathway, Sir Julian has appointments at a children’s charity called the Summer Camps Trust and digital startup firm Samson which works in the defence industry.

Ms Browning told Sir Julian he should seek advice for “all appointments or employment whether paid or unpaid”.

Sir Julian has insisted that he thought he had acted correctly.

He said: “The only directorship I’ve approached where there was any involvement in defence – I was a defence minister – I filed in the proper way.

“I apologised for the position with the first company without doing so because it had nothing to do with MOD and nothing to do with defence.

“I didn’t realise at the time I had to file it and I apologised for that.

“The principle rebuke, the really stroppy stuff, related to taking on an unpaid position with a children’s charity and I think that that’s pretty harsh and unfair language.”


  1. “ACOBA Again finds itself”? This is recurring behaviour, so as Mr Brazier was taken to task the first time why not just check out it’s okay the second time? Otherwise one could think: First time a mistake second time arrogance.


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