Waitrose adds new American-inspired line in time for festival season

Waitrose in St George's Place, Canterbury

Shoppers using Canterbury’s Waitrose store will soon be able to buy wine in a can.

The supermarket explains that the line is inspired by an American trend as a response to customers’ demands for reusable and environmentally friendly packaging.

And it believes wine in a can will be popular with festival goers because it is convenient to transport and drink.

Waitrose, whose Canterbury store is in St George’s Place, will be rolling out wine in a can across its outlets from tomorrow (Monday).

Victoria Mason, the wine buyer at Waitrose, said: “We’re really excited to bring back the trend of wine in a can.

“Following the success of small ­bottles at Waitrose last year, with sales increasing by 10 per cent, we know our ­customers are ­looking for convenient and environmentally friendly packaging options for wine.”

The range will feature an organic rosé and a Shiraz by Chateau Maris, priced at £3.49.

Cans will contain 250ml, the size of a large glass of wine in pubs and restaurants.

Producers insist that just because the wine comes in a can it will not compromise the flavour of the drink.

One company guarantees the taste of the wine by using high quality grapes from the best vineyards.

But Dave McIntyre, a drink blogger in the United States, urged wine drinkers not to drink from the can, but to pour it into a glass.

He said: “Look for the good stuff, take a sip from the can, then pour some into a glass. You’ll know what you bought.”


  1. Maybe I’m missing the point here. Even in Waitrose, a pretty decent bottle (750ml) of vino can be purchased for 7/8 quid, which is about a tenner per litre. Wine boxes (2.250ml) of the same/similar wine are about 15/16 quid (around £7 per litre) and as they’re light, are surely ideal for picnics etc.
    Hang on though, Waitrose is proposing to sell canned wine at £3.49 for 250ml. Leaving aside the fact that this is 14 quid a litre (double the price per litre of a wine box) you need 9 x 250ml cans to equal the volume of a wine box. How exactly does that benefit the environment? How does one re-use an empty wine can? Also, why does Waitrose consider 9 wine cans to be “more convenient to transport and drink?” I can easily see why Victoria Mason, the wine buyer at Waitrose, is “really excited” by this idea (£££ Ker-Ching!) but I’d love to see the evidence that this move is customer-led, or a response to shoppers’ demands. Interesting too, that Ms Mason wants to “bring back” the trend of wine in a can. Did I miss the previous golden age of canned Chablis, tinned Tokay and tubes of Tempranillo? I think not!


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