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A rough sleeper has set up home in the centre of the St Peter's Roundabout

A rough sleeper has set up home in the centre of one of Canterbury’s busiest roundabouts.

The middle aged man pitched his tent on the St Peter’s Roundabout, which has traffic sitting around it at peak times.

He is not the first person to live on the roundabout.

In 2014, it was reported that a homeless drug addict had built a camp on it and was starting fires, which caused fire engines to be called to the scene amid fears that a car had mounted it and caught fire.

David Lawrence, who has just moved into the Old Tannery development opposite, spotted that some one was once again living on the roundabout.

The St Peter’s Roundabout

The 35-year-old said: “I couldn’t believe when I walked past and thought I saw someone on there.

“So I crossed over and took a peek. He had set up a tent and had a load of bits and bobs with him including bedding and blankets.

“I had a chat with him and he seemed all right, but I’m aware that in the past that there have been issues with fires.

“Naturally, if people see flames coming from through the bushes, they’re going to think the worst.

“It looks to me like there’s evidence of recent fires at the camp.”

The roundabout serves traffic coming into and out of Canterbury on the Rheims Way and traffic moving from east and west along St Peter’s Place.

It was once described as the city’s most attractive roundabout due to the trees and thick foliage.

Rough sleepers in Canterbury are known to find imaginative places to set up home. There are camps in the undergrowth at the bottom of Wincheap by the River Stour and at Vauxhall near the field.

Council spokesman Leo Whitlock said: “After reading about this man’s plight in the Canterbury Journal website, our officers will be doing all they can to support him.”

If you see a rough sleeper and are worried about their welfare, please visit  streetlink.org.uk or call 0300 500 0914. The case will be referred to the Catching Lives and Porchlight charities and they will try to make contact with the person rough sleeping.


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