VIDEO: Rap videos linked to gang violence filmed on city streets

A scene from a Drill video (stock image)

Videos made as part of a music subculture linked to gang activity have been filmed in Canterbury, it has emerged.

A style of rap music known as Drill is growing increasingly popular among urban youths who spend their days on the streets of south-east England’s towns and cities.

One film shows young men in sportswear and hoodies cavorting on the forecourt of Motoring World opposite the Esso garage on Sturry Road.

There are concerns that Drill videos – many of which appear on platforms such as YouTube and Facebook – contain threats of violence, taunts aimed at rival gangs and references to drug dealing.

Kent Police inspector and gang expert Mark Pearson: “It glorifies violence. It encourages people to stab, maim, kill and what precedes many of these stabbings is local gang members producing their own Drill music and taunting the other gangs.”

Cressida Dick, the commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, has called on social media companies to remove Drill videos from their pages.

She said: “[Drill] has lyrics which glamourise violence, serious violence, murder, stabbings. They describe stabbing with great detail, and great joy, obscene violence against women.

“I am working closely with social media companies to work out what they can do about this.”

Those appearing in Drill videos often make stabbing or gun motions with their hands.

But a producer of Drill videos known as Pacman insists time spent in the studio and making the videos is a distraction for performers from gang or potential criminal activity.

He said: “A lot of these guys’ parents have moved them from a hotspot of violence to a quieter area.

“I tend to keep away from any music which would tend to disrespect someone else because that’s what would lead to violence.”

Pacman has also shot videos in Kent’s county town of Maidstone. The following is a clip from one:




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