VIDEO: Fascinating footage shows city nearly 100 years ago

The National Archives has videos of Canterbury in the 1920s

While researching information for another story, I came across some wonderful footage of Canterbury in the 1920s.

Shot from the back of truck making its way through the city it offers a glimpse into a bustling day as people and vehicles and horses go about their business.

It begins with a shot looking down Butchery Lane towards the Cathedral’s Bell Harry tower.

Then we are taken to St Dunstan’s Street where the truck goes through the Westgate Tower and on to St Peter’s Street and the High Street.

Most of the buildings here are familiar, their shapes the same even if they were put to very different purposes.

A second clip takes the viewer up to the St George’s Street area of the city and offers a view of buildings which once stood in this section of the city before they were destroyed by German air raids in the Second World War.

The camera truck then turns on to what is now the Ring Road and offers a view of the old cattle market that stood by the City Wall.

The videos are part of the collection held by the National Archives UK.


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