VIDEO: Ever feel like you live in a building site?

The Beaney is covered in scaffolding

“Everything we’ve seen is covered in scaffolding.” The words there of tourist perhaps wondering why his tour guide had taken him to what in effect was a building site.

He was part of a group standing in the High Street looking rather quizzically at the Beaney museum and library which has had scaffolding erected round it.

What’s more, I walked behind them as they traipsed down Best Lane, another building site as a new road surface is laid.

Oh, and I imagine – judging from the tourist’s remark – that they’ve probably already visited the Cathedral, which is draped in yet more metal bars and wood panels.

They must be wondering why on earth they’ve come to Canterbury.

Meanwhile, I’m beginning to think that I really do live in a perpetual building site. That’s not to say it’s all bad. A lot of these things are important projects – especially renovating our greatest building.

And the sooner the Kingsmead regeneration project happens, the better as far as I’m concerned.

But isn’t it all bloody ball ache as well: the noise, the mess, the utterly unattractive look of the place.

Building work in Knotts Lane, Canterbury

I live opposite the block in the Tannery which burned down in July 2015 and have had two years of noise, of drilling, of banging, of yelling (people who work in the construction industry are incapable of communicating with each other except by shouting, I’ve learned).

Then there’s the fact that one the builders whistled relentlessly which proved uniquely irritating.

And the less said about the beep, beep, beep of “this vehicle is reversing” the better.

As I write someone is in the road drilling and the flat next door is being done up – so there’s banging coming from it five days a week.

When I walk down Stour Street later I’ll pass another construction site as the former industrial building facing the Rosemary Lane car park is converted into residential units.

The assault on the eardrums is unbelievable. As I said, I know this work is necessary and good for the economy.

But that doesn’t detract from the fact that it’s a bloody nightmare…


  1. Plus I can’t get to the High Street now that Best Lane is closed – AND the disabled car park was also closed! I rely on being dropped off in side streets as I can’t walk very well, and this now cuts out even more of Canterbury. Pedestrianisation doesn’t suit everyone!


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