VIDEO: A walk through city’s stunning new boutique hotel

One of the rooms at The Hugo

Walk briskly past the entrance and you might miss it. But there, sandwiched between the St Peter’s Street shopfronts, is the front door to The Hugo in St Peter’s Street.

But this is not like any other hotel accommodation offered in Canterbury – from the Premier Inn in New Dover Road to the Abode further up the city centre.

It consists of two bedrooms, a junior suite and what is referred to as the apartment, a duplex over two floors with a living room and kitchen and two bedrooms.

Each is decorated in a unique style and serviced daily, although there are no check-in facilities and guests are instead given a code to access the building and the particular part they are staying in.

The Hugo is the brainchild of Ben Fitter-Harding and his husband Jonathan, who run the digital marketing firm Dodgems and Floss on the ground floor of the Grade II listed building which also contains the hotel.

Ben Fitter-Harding inside one the rooms at The Hugo

And like much the Fitter-Hardings turn their hand to, the hotel has a uniqueness about it.

“We looked around at what was on offer in Canterbury and just thought we can do better than this,” Ben, 34, said.

“We initially rented out the apartment on Airbnb and that proved popular with people from all over the world. They might be just visiting or coming down for university graduations or be here because their children are at King’s School.

“Then we decided to totally refurbish the whole building, which had been very run down, and open a boutique hotel.

“St Peter’s Street is my favourite part of Canterbury, but sometimes feels a bit neglected. So when people stay here, we bring them directly into Canterbury and encourage them to eat in places like Cafe St Pierre, The Pound and Kitch.”

The Hugo will fully open on July 1. Visit its website for more information.


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