Vandals go on the rampage in village

This fence in Bridge was scrawled on

Vandals have daubed graffiti all over the village of Bridge.

It has appeared on fences, walls, a bus stop and signs.

Mike Sole, a former Canterbury City Councill, was dismayed the sight and called for CCTV cameras to be installed to deter vandals.

He said: “This mindless act is pure selfish vandalism. It is saddening. Local residents have been able to remove paint in some places, but on some surfaces more expensive treatments will be required

A bus shelter with graffiti on it

“Surely someone must recognise these tags so they can be reported to the police?

“The graffiti under the Coldharbour Lane bridge is also an area where the A2 slip roads are heavily littered.

“Surely this is the ideal spot to site a CCTV camera to deter both vandals and litterers.”

Villagers in Bridge and the surrounding villages such as Kingston and Barham have been energetically clearing their areas.

Mr Sole has taken part in numerous litter picks and has demanded action be taken to prevent litter being dropped by lorry drivers by closing lay-bys to them.

“The situation is getting worse down there, much worse,” Mr Sole said.

“We have four or five lorries parked there a night and some of the stuff you find like bottles of urine are absolutely disgusting.”

Mr Sole and other villagers take part in regular clean-ups and litter-picks in the area.

He added: “We’re pretty sure much of the rubbish we collect comes from the lorry drivers – especially as we found tyres from a lorry.

“But we have also found things like road signs and traffic cones and even a toaster.”

Community litter picks are becoming increasingly popular in the Canterbury district as people fed up with mess take direct action.


  1. If you want to promote people be honest and don’t make it news. I live in Bridge. Mr Sole no longer lives in Bridge but does wish to be city councillor again and I doubt very much many people would want public cctv here.


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