Trump and Kim should watch film about nuclear Armageddon, says Archbishop

Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump have met in Singapore

The Archbishop of Canterbury says US president Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un should watch a 1980s film about life after a nuclear attack.

Justin Welby wants the two men, who are locked in an increasingly acrimonious war of words, to watch the 1983 tv movie The Day After.

It is centred around a nuclear war between NATO and the Warsaw Pact countries.

Mr Trump has said he is willing to meet Kim later this year, prompting Mr Welby to offer advice to the two men.

In an interview with Canterbury Christ Church University’s newspaper Unified, Mr Welby said: “Go and watch one of those films, there is one called The Day After which is about a nuclear attack.

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby

“Get that picture in your mind before you meet and see what you’re trying to avoid happening in the world.

“Secondly, listen carefully to each other as well as decide to push your own view.”

Mr Welby was also asked whether he thought the two nuclear-armed countries would actually push the button to start a war.

“They have a button,” he said. “I mean obviously there would be circumstances where they might feel it was warranted to push it but I have no idea whether they personally would choose to do so.

“I go on the Groucho Marx theory of predictions which is I never make predictions especially about the future.”

North Korea has been testing weapons in the region and making increasingly provocative noises.

This has provoked Mr Trump to send antagonistic messages to Kim, including one on Twitter calling him “short and fat”.

More than 100 million people watched The Day After on America’s ABC network.

Starring Jason Robards, JoBeth Williams and Steve Guttenberg, the film was followed by a debate about nuclear war featuring  former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and former Secretary of Defence Robert McNamara.

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