Tragic Shelley Pollard’s funeral will take place next week

Flowers and candles next to the Eastbridge Hospital where Shelley Pollard used to sit.

The funeral of homeless mum Shelley Pollard will take place next week.

Shelley, 42, collapsed on the night of Wednesday, March 21 at the Kingsbridge opposite the Weavers where she begged to feed a ruinous addiction to class A drugs.

She was later pronounced dead. A shrine was set up to Shelley, a mother-of-three, next to the Eastbridge Hospital.

Shelley’s funeral will take place at Barham Crematorium on Tuesday. A Go Fund Me webpage has been created to raise money for it.

The message on it reads: “Shelley lost her battle Thursday, March 22. She was an amazing helpful woman who cared more about others than herself.

Paramedics frantically try to save Shelley’s life

“She had been in a situation of bad luck for a long time stuck. She has left three beautiful boys who would like somewhere to visit their mum in the future and would like a burial. Any help will go a long way. Thank you for your time and any donation.”

Her friend Carrie Short, 37, who grew up with her on London Road Estate, told the Canterbury Journal: “Shelley was really bubbly and chatty.

“She was the life and soul of the street where we grew and would always have your back.”

Shelley had three children with different fathers. Carrie says that Shelley led a fairly ordinary life until a personal tragedy led her into the world of hard drugs and uncontrollable addiction.

Carrie added: “We tried to get her off it. We tried to get her on methadone. She always knew that she could go back to her mum’s on the estate if she got off the drugs.

“But she found it too difficult, too hard to break. She was very ill.”

Click here to support fund raising campaign for Shelley’s funeral.


  1. can your paper possibly help to have one car to take mrs pollard and 3 boys to crematorian we have a fund of 1,300 only enough for the hearst ,mrs pollard has had no help and theirso no mr pollard he died a few years back,the boys dont have a home together they live seperatly in care be nice for them to see their mum have a nice send off,im a friend of mrs pollard l have emailed you before to no avail


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