This is the biggest environmental crime committed in years

Pylons occupy land at Vauxhall on the east of Canterbury

National Grid said trees would hide their new Pylons. It was having a laugh!

I have just seen the biggest environmental crime committed in the Canterbury district for years. It really is criminal damage.

The newly-erected National Grid pylons that are cutting across the district are the most appalling eyesores. They are huge, dominating the landscape like no other human structure.

They dominate the whole of a beautiful rural landscape. East Kent will never look the same again. How on earth has a very wealthy privately-owned company been allowed to get away with it?

The National Grid was previously a nationalised industry. It means that millions of pounds of tax-payers money have historically been invested in this business.

Today it has private shareholders that benefit from this investment and now enjoy handsome dividend payments.

And yet the company clearly has no respect for the well being of a beautiful landscape that should be enjoyed by local citizens. In other words, the tax payers that have historically funded the business.

The erection of pylons was needed to secure future national energy supplies. But this very wealthy company has chosen the cheapest possible option. There was an alternative. It was to put the cables underground. This would be more expensive for the company. It would be an added corporate economic cost.

But instead, the National Grid has shifted the cost to citizens. It has generated an environmental cost that will have to be borne by generations for years to come. A perfect example of corporate economic greed taking precedence over public social and environmental benefit.

How did the National Grid get planning permission for these hideous structures? I recall the local MPs making representation and that residents in Broad Oak expressed their anger. But somewhere along the line, the company was given planning permission.

It raises questions about the quality of those in political authority and whose interests they serve.


  1. These people in power always sell us out for money time and time again. Corporations get the easy way out again and yet they have the money. The question you should be asking is …Who got what for allowing this to happen? Public Enquiry?

  2. Too true. That and the enormous waste into landfill of perfectly usable, often new and unused, items that is continuing. Thrown out during student relocation. This wastefulness is criminal and happens each year. For four years we have raised awareness and prevented as much as we could; Canterbury wide, cleaning sorting and redistributing it. After we pushed, the Council and universities are in their first year of an official student goods recycling scheme. Yet while we thank them and wish them well, they only have one partnership with Necessary Furniture. The successful precedent schemes we found during our research have many partnerships as well as good publicity and promotion. There is still an enormous amount being thrown away. They need to build on what they’ve started and it would be great if Canterbury would support their efforts. Especially as their is urgency what with the threat that the planet and its life are facing.

  3. Wise words indeed.

    Future generations will not thank us for bequeathing them this monumental environmental disaster which in due course somehow they will have to rectify.

    Politicians who allow these things to happen have no right at the same time to claim they care for the environment Fact is we just dont believe you ..

    It was clear long before the outset of the sham consultation that these huge pylons were on their way .Money ruled and minds had been made up.

    This blatant disregard for our green spaces,and life quality is also very sadly clearly evident in decisions made by our local authority.witness the multistorey car park proposed at C West station..Its sole virtue is that it will be relatively easy to demolish when its underutilisation and cost burden to Council Tax payers becomes clear.

    How I wish we had an environmental visionary in a position of power within our local Council.

    Alderman Simmons must be turning in his grave.


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