The students are back – and some…

Students have returned to Canterbury (file pic)

If you were out in Canterbury over the weekend, you couldn’t have helped but notice the arrival of students.

There were queues of cars at student accommodation blocks such as Palamon Court on the ring road, at Park Wood on the Kent campus and even on the housing estates.

But while some see this as the time that fresh life is breathed into the city, others are less pleased.

Writing on the Canterbury Residents Group on Facebook, Gary Eastland said: “After a lovely peaceful summer in Tenterden Drive, they’re back.

“We’ve had bins pushed over, people vomiting in the street, people laying down in the road because they’re too drunk to move, groups of people who think it’s ok to shout and sing at the top of their voices at 2.30 in the morning, abuse hurled back when you politely ask them to keep the noise down, and beer bottles and cider cans thrown into the garden.”

Tracy Hazelden added: “I agree. We had the same last night. Singing at the top of their voices, screaming, slamming car doors.”

Saturday and Sunday saw the majority of freshers move into the city with those in the upper years dribbling back more slowly.

Today (Monday) marks the start of Freshers’ Week when activities and special nights are laid on for new students.

And there are those who say people should recognise the benefits that the students bring to Canterbury.

Also writing on the residents group, Karen Boyle said: “It’s easy to generalise here, but in reality not all students are antisocial and not all non-students are well behaved.

“Canterbury’s economy is enriched by the university population and many people are employed as a result. Anti-social behaviour by anyone should be reported as another poster said above, to the police, the council and the universities.”

Canterbury Christ Church University and the University of Kent both participate in the Street Marshals scheme which aims to reduce the number of incidents of anti-social behaviour.

Anyone concerned about noise can also contact Canterbury City Council.



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