The park and pedal scheme has one great advantage

Transport officer Ruth Goudie at the park and pedal storage unit

A “park and pedal” scheme has been launched at the Wincheap park and ride.

It offers drivers the chance to park their cars at the site and make the rest of the journey into central Canterbury on bike.

And best of all it’s entirely free for those who choose to use it.

Cllr Ben Fitter-Harding, the authority’s property and regeneration chairman, said: “This is a simple but effective initiative offering a combination of free parking and cycling.

Park and ride is a great service, but you are limited in terms of where the bus ends up and sometimes you have to wait for one to arrive.

Maintenance equipment for bicycles

“Park and pedal is therefore a clever alternative that gives greater flexibility for customers and the freedom to travel when you want to. And with free cycle lockers available in the city centre too, we’ve tried to make it as joined up as possible.”

Bikes are parked in a secure 28-space storage shed which cost £23,000 to install.

The storage shed can only be accessed via a key card, is available all the time and contains maintenance equipment.

Users drive in as normal and park, but then pick up their bikes from the storage unit and leave for their destinations.

There are two signposted routes into the city – the Chartham to Canterbury cycle route via Toddlers’ Cove and Whitehall Road, or through the Wincheap estate and under the Horses and Goats tunnel.

At the end of the day, they cycle back, leave their bike in the unit and drive out, using their park and ride card to raise the exit barrier without needing to pay.

A cycle compound key card can be applied for via the council’s webpage or by calling 01227 862422.

There is a £15 refundable deposit. In due course, the scheme will join the council’s ANPR camera and barrier parking scheme.


  1. Drivers “getting on your bike” at the Wincheap Park & Ride have a great advantage over most residents of Thanington and Wincheap, in that they will be doing so north of the A28, and so will have access to two cycle paths into the city centre without chancing life and limb using or crossing the A28.

    However, with a lack of joined-up thinking so typical of CCC Planning and KCC Highways departments, a few weeks ago CCC Planning approved a plan for the 4th slip road from the A2 at WIncheap that will take a large slice out of the existing Wincheap Park & Ride. There are plans, not yet clear and dependent upon developers’ funding, to extend the Park & Ride across allotments, round the back of the B&M store, and along the south side of the river Stour. The cycle and pedestrian path currently accessing the National Cycle Path north of the Stour from Ten Perch Road will then pass through the new parking area. Cyclists leaving Ten Perch Road via The Boundary towards the Horses and Goats tunnel will be accompanied by vehicles exiting the A2 in the direction of the city centre.

    This and other plans affecting Wincheap will be the subject of a presentation, “Traffic Nightmare on Wincheap – coming soon?” at the Wincheap Society’s AGM, at Jubilee Hall, 7:30 pm Friday 13th June. You don’t have to be a member of WInSoc to attend the talk.


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