The future of transport in the Canterbury district

What is the future of Canterbury?

How we get around and what method of transport we use to do so is central to life in the Canterbury district.

From schoolchildren and students getting to their places of education to people getting to work to we get to places of recreation – all of these rely on movement even if the energy we use comes from our own bodies as we walk or cycle to our destinations.

Today, two Canterbury Journal contributors discuss the issue of transport in the district.

In a provocative and far-reaching piece, Peter Styles from south Canterbury examines the case for a modern approach to transport and its associated issues.

He writes: “It is time for councillors and officers to reconsider the priority they have given to building a new multi-storey car park and to reinforce their meagre, unambitious draft Air Quality Action Plan.

“Instead they must step forward with bold measures to deal with traffic congestion, facilitate the use of buses by a wider range of residents on a new selection of cross-city routes, and give pedestrians and cyclists in Canterbury the kind of consideration they already enjoy in more up-to-date, ‘mobile’ cities.”

Meanwhile, Cllr Neil Baker urges people play their part in shaping the district’s public transport system – especially the buses which form such a key part of it.

He writes: “We need to work on reversing the trend we’ve seen in recent years of fewer buses and connections.

“We all want less pollution, less congestion and less reliance on cars. Proper bus services can make a huge difference and also help people living in the great villages across our district to have all the access to the services they want and deserve.”


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