The BBC is just so damn infuriating

BBC Broadcasting House in London

The BBC is my bete noir. It is just so irritating. As the national broadcaster, doesn’t it have duty to ensure that its presenters speak properly?

Not have a regional accent – I’m not calling for a return to RSP, (received standard pronunciation: what used to be called BBC English). But I can see no reason why anybody on the BBC should pronounce harassed as “her-assed” instead of “har-essed” with the emphasis on the first syllable. We’re not Americans, for heavens sake.

Look in the Oxford English Dictionary: it supplies correct pronunciations, one of the purposes of a dictionary.

They could also look at how to pronounce “h”. It’s not Haitch – simply Aitch. Forget Dick Van Dyke’s Cockney English in Mary Poppins – just pronounce the damn letter correctly.

Elsewhere, I’m well used to the soft-left flavour of all its news reporting. I grind my teeth when John Pienaar comes on, but at least the BBC has admitted its bias – although it has not sought to correct it.

To correct the bias would require employees to rethink their worldview. Maybe they could read the Telegraph instead of the Guardian. Just a thought.

These things are irritants marginally less irritating than the BBC’s coverage of news. Disasters happen, they come and go on the news, here today, then the news caravan moves on, but why do so few items get on to the television news?

I can pick up the daily paper and find dozens of stories that are interesting and worth covering, but as the BBC only ever gives us three of four news stories, they have no chance of ever being more widely known.

My biggest gripe with the BBC was brought home forcibly this week. A helicopter crashed at Leicester City football ground. Five people died including the owner of the club. How many people know who the other two passengers were or that the pilot and co-pilot were a married couple?

Within 24 hrs the story had become for the BBC, not what a tragedy this was for the families but what a tragedy it was for Leicester City FC. What would happen to them, how would the owners son cope with the club?

Wrong. This tragedy was personal. The future of the club is of very little significance compared to the loss of life. 

But the loss of life was quickly glossed over because, after all, this was about football and the BBC long ago sold its soul to the great god of football, before which all other news must be set aside.

Football is a game, that’s all, in the great scheme of things it is unimportant, it really doesn’t matter who wins and who loses.

What matters is that five people lost their lives in a horrific accident. Yet to the BBC the important news was “what will happen to the club?”

I despair, I just want the BBC to get a sense of proportion. Oh, and if they stopped sticking football in the news bulletins we could get a bit more real news.

Sorry, I know it won’t happen, but do spare a thought and a prayer for the people who lost their lives. They were so much more important than any football club.


  1. My personal gripe is shire as in Yorkshire , they all now say ” sher ” surely it’s pronounced ” sheer ” isn’t it ?


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