That is most definitely NOT news

Former Canterbury City Council principal planning officer says the selection of the England football team is not news

What did preparations for the Royal Wedding and the football World Cup team selection have in common?

The answer has to be that both received an inordinate amount of coverage on the BBC news. One evening the 6 o’clock news seemed to be nothing but wedding preparations and football team selection.

Now I’m a monarchist, a firm believer in the Royal Family and I’m happy that a young couple got married, I wish them all the best.

I can understand that many people wanted to watch this one-off occasion on television, although I didn’t.

Royal Weddings are NEWS and are unusual enough to warrant extra coverage in my opinion, but up to a point…

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are now married

And that’s more than can be said for the selection of some footballers.

When the team plays that might deserve a brief mention on the news, if they win a cup definitely newsworthy, but really did the team selection warrant a 10 minute slot on prime time news?

Unfortunately, the BBC is obsessed with football: every up and down of almost every significant team appears on the news, followed by all the local teams on the regional news.

Now I recognise that for many people football is interesting, but frankly most of it is not newsworthy.

One team of 11 players beating a different team of 11 players happens every day, IT’s NOT NEWS, not unless one of them is winning a trophy!

I read a broadsheet newspaper, I know that all over the world news is happening, but apparently the BBC does not know that and has to fill the airwaves with the successes or failures of football teams.

That’s not news. There are sports channels for that kind of “news”, lets have more real news from the BBC, that’s what I pay my licence fee for after all!

Oh and good luck to Prince Harry and Meghan. I wish them well and as to the footballers that’ll be down to skill not luck, we shall see.


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