Thank you for backing our Jack – now let’s look at the deeper issue

Jacky Moskovits's crime was in the eyes of health bosses was to speak her mind

When nurse Jacky Moskovits departed east Kent hospitals after calling boss Matthew Kershaw a “D***HEAD” on Facebook in September, she probably knew that her employment there was drawing to a close.

As the Canterbury Journal exclusively revealed yesterday, the health trust fired the 59-year-old from Wincheap in November after proving a case of gross misconduct.

The reality is, however, that the trust had got sick of Jacky speaking her mind about issues at the beleaguered Kent and Canterbury Hospital in Ethelbert Road.

The K&C is home to the trust offices

Bosses were already pursuing her for comments she had made earlier in the year about its over-stretched and under-manned emergency centre.

The trust later castigated her because it thought “this was not an appropriate way to raise your concerns”.

But it is this single sentence in its dismissal letter to Jacky that truly reflects the trust’s mentality:

“The incident occurred at a time when the Trust was under extreme scrutiny from the CQC [Care Quality Commission] and this type of information could bring the Trust into disrepute if it had been viewed by the CQC or the public.”

In other words, the trust doesn’t want “information” – facts – reaching either the public which pays for and relies upon the health service nor the CQC which monitors its performance.

All that matters is that the trust appears to be performing well rather than actually doing so. It is desperate to create an image which will see it pass an inspection.

That a nurse working long hard hours on the frontline tending should have the temerity to make the public aware of  conditions in the hospital is an abomination in the eyes of senior managers.

Now let’s ask ourselves why. The obvious answer is that managers obsessively want to protect their reputations and salaries and will do whatever they can to do so, including scapegoating their inferiors.

By threatening staff who speak out with disciplinary action, it aims to prevent the public from hearing about conditions for both patients and staff in the hospital.

This is despicable. Patients, most of whom cherish the health service and are happy to pay their taxes for it, have every right to know what is going on inside it.

The most ludicrous aspect of this is that unless you’ve been a hermit living in an east Kent cave for the last few years, you will know exactly what conditions are like in our hospitals with the massive waits for treatment and the staff at breaking point.

But the good news is that Jacky’s story came out, she has been inundated with support.

The general public recognises the importance of speaking up. It’s high time for those in charge to do so, too.


  1. Good for Jackie. All Trusts have a huge bullying culture in the NHS.At present a local trust is “Transforming”…. with hardly any consultation with employees…as is the norm. The extra layers of management at higher grades…8A and above is an absolute disgrace. The public and tax payers have no idea how money is wasted, but those in positions of power line their pockets…first hint of trouble and they resign and move onto the next job and 6 figure salary…NO exceptions…..I’m disgusted at how badly the NHS is managed today….full to the brim with chiefs …but very few Indians.

  2. The journalist obviously doesn’t understand whistle blowing legislation!!

    She could have anonymously reported her concerns to the CQC

    Why did she not follow policy and instead post it of Facebook!! Rubbish journalist no balance

  3. Simon ashley, she did. So many times. Over 20 years she reported and reported and reported. And nothing. It is frustrating the lack of obedience to procedure on reports such as she was making, which is also detailed on the nursing and midwifery code of conduct of how to complain and what the process involves, yet never obeyed. It’s ironic that they sack her for not following the same code of conducts complaints procedure that they have not followed correctly for following up complaints, (that she had followed for years without effect from those who had worked at the complaints depts due to them not following the code of conduct on complaints)
    She was using her private Facebook and venting to her friends and family about what was going on, because she was frustrated and had enough. However also an activist fighting for better care.

    This whole mess shows the failings going on, and her complains massively warranted when you look at what is now going on a year later. So let’s hope that if nothing else, now the cqc has shone a damning light on the management of East Kent hospitals, some progress can be made!

    Jacky was an incredible nurse.


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