Teacher plasters her house with Jeremy Corbyn posters

Daphne Miles at her Roper Road home

As personal political statements go, this is pretty bold…especially as we’re not in the middle of an election campaign.

Nevertheless, retired teacher Daphne Miles has chosen to plaster the front windows of her Roper Road home with political posters.

There’s one about school cuts, another about the NHS and two declaring that the United Kingdom should remain in the European Union.

But it’s the images of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn which take pride of place in the front bow windows of both floors.

Asked why she had displayed them, Daphne said: “I think there’s going to be an election in the autumn.

Teacher Daphne Miles with her political posters

“Theresa May will be undone by Brexit. It was a corrupt referendum in the first place. But it was corrupt on both sides.

“However, the Prime Minister is weak and if Labour aren’t satisfied with what the Tories are offering then there will have to be a referendum.

“Jeremy has got a lot of friends in Europe and if he was overseeing our discussions with Michel Barnier and the other negotiators, it would be very different.”

Daphne, who has worked in numerous schools including some in Canterbury, campaigned vigorously for Labour during the last general election.

Although she was obviously delighted at the election of Rosie Duffield as Canterbury and Whitstable’s first ever Labour MP, she admits the effort of all made her unwell.

And Daphne accepts that if she’s right and there is an election in the autumn, she will have to play a lesser part.

But she insists that will not diminish her spirit for politics and campaigning.

“Campaigning last year was very stressful,” Daphne added.

“But I will still be very active using social media for campaigning. I do have more Twitter followers than my daughter, after all.”


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