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EXCLUSIVE: My hopes for the future of health in Canterbury

Canterbury and Whitstable MP Rosie Duffield explains why the decision to award funding for a medical school is so full of promise.

The university rankings are out – with surprising results for our...

If you're planning on higher education in Canterbury, then you'll need to know what the Good University Guide 2018 has to say.

Striking lecturers threaten maximum disruption to exam season

The University of Kent is one 65 institutions facing a summer of industrial action as final year students attempt to complete their degrees.

No end in sight for university strike after talks collapse

Striking lecturers from the University of Kent are among those rejecting a new deal on pensions.

Striking Kent lecturers set to return to work this week

The dispute centred on proposals to end a pension scheme which staff complained would leave them £10,000 a year poorer.

Lecturers at city unis could be forced to attend classes on...

Kent sociologist Frank Furedi has condemned the courses as labelling all white people as racist.

Intellectuals baffled as employer docks pay for staff who refuse to...

If you refuse to work, then doesn't it stand to reason that you won't get paid, asks Alex Lister.

Female staff at the University of Kent earn 17.5% less than...

University of Kent figures reveal on average female employees earn £15.88 per hour, £3.37 less than the men.
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