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Multi-storey “could be key to unlocking potential of West station”

The city council has held talks with rail bosses as it presses ahead with its controversial multi-storey car park.

VIDEO: Council to convert student flats into family homes in £23...

The authority is making a major move towards dealing with its housing issues.

Canterbury has the potential to be a regional powerhouse

City council leader Simon Cook welcomes a report into the future of the Thames Gateway.

Politicians embarrass themselves at Pride

What was their real motivation for being there?

Pride says an awful lot about Canterbury

Council leader Simon Cook looks forward to attending the city's biggest annual festival.

District facing population surge

The city council says its Local Plan is the key to its preparations.

City council lacks vision and innovation

Good political leadership requires bold ideas, says business expert Prof Richard Scase.

Why new Eurostar trains are unable to stop at Ashford

East Kent travellers who wanted to use their local station have instead found themselves going to London and back to get home.

Canterbury is growing: We need an eastern bypass

Council leader Simon Cook explains what a new road linking the A28 at Sturry to the A2 at Bridge would achieve.

Early bypass announcement could have saved city legal bills, say Lib...

Opposition group insists that if the council had resolved earlier to build an A2/A28 eastern link road, it would not be facing judicial challenges over air quality.

City council vows to tackle air quality issues in Canterbury

The authority has been granted government money for an information campaign.

Anti-Semitism has been allowed to fester in the Labour Party, says...

But Conservative Simon Cook is full of praise for Labour MP Rosie Duffield's stance against anti-Jewish bigotry.
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