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Voters less likely to support MP if she blocks Brexit, says...

Labour's Rosie Duffield campaigned to remain in the European Union and warned that a no deal Brexit would be a disaster.

Corbyn admits MP suffered distress at hardliners’ motion to censure

Rosie Duffield was rounded on for speaking out against anti-semitism within the Labour Party.

Sorry, Rosie, but what do you expect from the party of...

After hardliners failed to censure Labour MP Rosie Duffield for her stand against racism, Alex Claridge explores the minds of her detractors.

Duffield admits she may quit politics after anti-semitism row

The Canterbury Labour MP is weighing up her options after a facing a motion to censure her from hardliners.

MP received “overwhelming support” in anti-semitism furore

A motion to censure Rosie Duffield has been withdrawn after Labour members debated the issue.

Labour’s hard left draws knives as Duffield faces formal censure

An emergency meeting is to be held by local members.

Duffield: No deal Brexit will be a disaster for businesses all...

The MP spoke out after the government issued guidance in the event of no deal being struck as Britain leaves the European Union.

MP accused of “taking cues from nutty students” in Tokyo Tea...

Rosie Duffield agrees with students that nightspot's geisha girls gimmick amounts to cultural appropriation.

MP to appear on political talk show

Rosie Duffield will discuss the issues of the day with Esther Rantzen among her co-panellists.

MP: Shorten school summer holidays

The academic year should be rearranged, says Rosie Duffield.

Teacher plasters her house with Jeremy Corbyn posters

Daphne Miles says: "I'm ready for an election."

Duffield urges Foreign Secretary to cancel Trump’s visit to UK

The US President is due to visit the UK next month.
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