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Duffield hits back in anti-Semitism row

Canterbury and Whitstable Labour MP accuses city Tories of "weak political point scoring" after they tabled a motion to council in support of her.

Anti-Semitism has been allowed to fester in the Labour Party, says...

But Conservative Simon Cook is full of praise for Labour MP Rosie Duffield's stance against anti-Jewish bigotry.

Confessions of a white man in Canterbury

I’ve never sat in an interview knowing I’ll never get the job because I have the wrong colour skin or because I might go on maternity leave.

This obsession with imaginary racism is utter lunacy

Our universities are not hotbeds of institutional racism, argues Alex Claridge.

Lecturers at city unis could be forced to attend classes on...

Kent sociologist Frank Furedi has condemned the courses as labelling all white people as racist.
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