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If they really are asylum seekers, why not remain in the...

Former Canterbury City Council principal planner Bob Britnell asks questions of those making their way to our shores.

City’s new forum for debate is failing to discuss prickly issues

Cllr Alan Baldock is unimpressed with the debating space for city-specific issues.

Party wants to give communities more clout in planning matters

The Liberal Democrats held their south-east regional conference in Canterbury.

City councillor joins newly formed pro-Brexit party

The Foundation Party also wants to see power devolved to the regional levels.

We are facing a potent threat to democracy

The Wilson Perspective: Election results are being be disconnected from the number of votes cast, argues Dave Wilson.

The qualities I want in my MP

Business consultant Martin Roche outlines five key ingredients he wants to see in an elected representative.

Corbyn admits MP suffered distress at hardliners’ motion to censure

Rosie Duffield was rounded on for speaking out against anti-semitism within the Labour Party.

Ex-Tory Lord Mayor of Canterbury defects to Lib Dems

George Metcalfe is switching allegiance ahead of next year's city council elections.

Sorry, Rosie, but what do you expect from the party of...

After hardliners failed to censure Labour MP Rosie Duffield for her stand against racism, Alex Claridge explores the minds of her detractors.

Duffield admits she may quit politics after anti-semitism row

The Canterbury Labour MP is weighing up her options after a facing a motion to censure her from hardliners.

MP to appear on political talk show

Rosie Duffield will discuss the issues of the day with Esther Rantzen among her co-panellists.

Could a citizens’ jury be the future for city’s democracy?

The government is to begin trialling new forms of direct democracy.
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