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Health campaigners to celebrates NHS’s 70th birthday

Chek party will take place in Canterbury.

Our health needs are more critical than simply building a new...

The Wilson Perspective: Beware the easy promise of a new hospital "shell", warns Dave Wilson.

NHS at 70: A story of perpetual crisis

Reform of the health service is desperately needed, says former Canterbury principal planning officer Bob Britnell.

Cathedral to mark NHS’s 70th birthday

Those attending the Cathedral will be invited to remember the work the health service does.

Why should stuffing your face with junk food be acceptable?

Former city council planner Bob Britnell says the NHS has enough work already without obesity adding to it.

Blow-up over city MP’s baby MRSA claim blunder

Rosie Duffield urged to apologise after she wrongly claimed traces of MRSA had been found on six children in the Margate baby unit.

Interim east Kent hospitals boss steps up to full job

Susan Acott will take over as plans for a new medical school emerge, paving the way potentially to a new hospital.

EXCLUSIVE: My hopes for the future of health in Canterbury

Canterbury and Whitstable MP Rosie Duffield explains why the decision to award funding for a medical school is so full of promise.

New medical school is “fantastic news”

Canterbury City Council has welcomed the announcement that Kent and Christ Church universities have secured funding for the project.

We are getting our medical school!

After months of uncertainty about health provision in Kent, funding will be given to Kent and Christ Church universities to collaborate on a venture which could pave the way for a brand new hospital.

Brexit threatens dire effect on health and social care in Kent,...

Christ Church professor says UK health managers need to urgently address issues such as manpower, regulation and public health requirements ahead of leaving the EU.

How do you save £488 million a year and keep the...

Thanks to inflation, increasing staff costs, price hikes in electricity, and new medicines becoming available, we face a simple truth: if nothing changes, the NHS will be bankrupt – and soon.
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