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VIDEO: St George’s Underpass – the filth and the fury

Footage shows disgusting mess the length of the underpass.

I prevented a kid getting an £80 litter fine – but...

Alex Claridge ponders a decision he made on Canterbury's streets.

Estate left looking “like municipal tip”

A fed-up resident is calling for action.

Literary twist to anti-litter day

Author read from her new book which tells of a family of messy pigs.

City must learn lessons from “sheer squalor” of student rubbish

Prof Rick Norman argues there must be a concerted effort to tackle end of year blight.

What has been left in this phone box is dangerous and...

There is some seriously bad rubbish in our public places.

Ton of rubbish cleared daily from major route during clean-up blitz

Council urges people to take their rubbish home with them.

Streets of squalor: “Deplorable” scenes at the end of the academic...

Student areas affected by litter blight.

Call for action on neglected pockets of the city

Rubbish on the streets are too familiar a sight, warns campaigner.

“Man in a van” latest council weapon in war on mess

The vehicle responds to fly-tipping and litter.

VIDEO: Disgusting rubbish strewn over residential street

The contents of purple sacks are spilling out.

A2 lane closure will be in place

Closure will allow work to take place on the roadside.
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