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Ah, yes, the “joys” of a Wetherspoon’s breakfast

Alex Claridge reflects on his morning in Canterbury's biggest pub.

Five Guys review: £11 for burger and fries better be worth...

Pub Spy checks out Five Guys - Canterbury's newest burger joint.

With Five Guys coming, what’s the truth in the chains v...

Are there actually too many large chains operating in Canterbury, wonders Alex Claridge.

Beware the “pub grub” fad, warns Michelin starred restaurateur

Steve Harris spoke out after the publication of the latest Good Pub Guide.

Militant vegans take note: Cheese and meat help you live longer

A new health study says eating animal products prolongs our lives, reports Bob Britnell.

The summer may be nearly over, but these two great festivals...

There's still plenty to enjoy in Canterbury as summer turns to autumn.

Your freedom is more valuable than a healthy lifestyle

Individual liberty is being eroded by those who want to run our lives for us, says Alex Claridge.

Could this be the city’s best breakfast joint?

Our reviewer is delighted with the cafe's fare.

Former city centre burger joint getting new lease of life

The property is currently undergoing refurbishment.

No frills, just an honest English breakfast

Canterbury institution is a delight, says Alex Claridge.

City’s KFC fans could soon see the return of controversial menu...

Menu item provoked a social media storm when it was trialled a year ago.

Pret a Manger staff in line for handsome reward

The sandwich chain is in the process of being sold.
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