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Bad parenting and duff theory creates problems in the classroom

There are things we can do to address problems in school, argues Bob Britnell

University eyes up new site for hotel and conference centre

Kent has changed the location of its proposed centre following public pressure.

Students’ union bans sombreros and dressing like Tories from fancy dress...

The Kent Union has drawn up a list of guidelines on which outfits are acceptable and which not.

Think your car’s fast? You ain’t seen nothing yet…

The man behind the world's fastest car will be in Canterbury.

Bleeding heart liberals have an agenda when it comes to the...

Parents who want their kids to get into grammar schools are only trying the best for them, says Bob Britnell.

Parents: Stop gawping at Love Island and read with your kids

Bob Britnell fears parents are not doing enough in the education of their children.

City universities mired in grade inflation row as number of firsts...

Research has measured results since the tripling of tuition fees in 2010.

VIDEO: Youth Parliament meets at Christ Church

MP Rosie Duffield joined school pupils to discuss the issues of the day.

College group puts hundreds of staff at risk of redundancy

The organisation blames government funding reductions for restructuring programme.

Our students will be able to shape their own learning

Simon Langton head Ken Moffat describes the vision and purpose of the school's new Tong Centre for research.

Striking lecturers threaten maximum disruption to exam season

The University of Kent is one 65 institutions facing a summer of industrial action as final year students attempt to complete their degrees.
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