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Multi-storey “could be key to unlocking potential of West station”

The city council has held talks with rail bosses as it presses ahead with its controversial multi-storey car park.

I have 62 reasons to thank the NHS

The health service should be above party politics, argues Conservative Greig Baker.

Tory chairman: We’re unhurt by troll attacks over our support for...

Greig Baker says Conservatives are proud to be sponsoring Canterbury Pride.

Not why Labour won, but who won it for Labour

The Journal brings you the second of its analyses of last year's historic general election victory.

Why Conservatives are sponsoring Canterbury Pride

Chairman Greig Baker explains why his party is supporting this year's festival.

Conservatives: Campaign to win in Canterbury begins today

Party leader unveils three-pronged election manifesto and will "not allow Labour to hijack" events such as Pride.

University is miserable for too many students, says MP

Helen Whately is calling for improved mental health services at UK universities.

Details of the medical school plan emerge as PM gives her...

Theresa May endorses the decision to fund the joint bid by the Kent and Christ Church universities

Are our leaders becoming about as popular as their new car...

Council leaders risk losing the battle for hearts and minds with plans for a new car park in Station Road West, says James Flanagan.

Conservatives do not have a divine right to rule Canterbury

In a major political statement, city council Labour group leader Alan Baldock hits back at Conservative claims that his party has become militant and swung violently to the hard left.
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