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Could Canterbury become a leader in sustainability?

A meeting of experts is taking place at Christ Church University

VIDEO: Short bursts of exercise produce huge health benefits, says CCCU...

Current government guidelines are wrong, according to the Canterbury Christ Church University study.

VIDEO: Academic calls for rare historic footage of Canterbury

Christ Church lecturer Tim Jones is especially keen on film shot in the 60s, 70s and 80s.

VIDEO: Another part of the city becomes major building site

The demolition men have moved in as £60 million project begins.

VIDEO: Youth Parliament meets at Christ Church

MP Rosie Duffield joined school pupils to discuss the issues of the day.

Student blocks are the result of a lack of planning vision

Nick Eden-Green fears the city will be forced to swallow more accommodation even though there is no appetite for it.

Students should not have to pay tuition fees, says Archbishop of...

Higher education should be paid for by government - not out of students' own pockets, Justin Welby has said.

EXCLUSIVE: My hopes for the future of health in Canterbury

Canterbury and Whitstable MP Rosie Duffield explains why the decision to award funding for a medical school is so full of promise.

New medical school is “fantastic news”

Canterbury City Council has welcomed the announcement that Kent and Christ Church universities have secured funding for the project.

The university rankings are out – with surprising results for our...

If you're planning on higher education in Canterbury, then you'll need to know what the Good University Guide 2018 has to say.

Archbishop of Canterbury “does not like what he sees” of modern...

Justin Welby will speak at Christ Church as he publishes a controversial new book which provides a searing indictment of the nation.

This obsession with imaginary racism is utter lunacy

Our universities are not hotbeds of institutional racism, argues Alex Claridge.
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