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Electric vehicle charging points to spring up across the district

The city council has signed an agreement with a green energy firm.

More than 1,100 new units enter the district’s housing supply in...

The city council has published its annual monitoring report on the progress of its Local Plan.

Green activists threaten to inflict gridlock misery on city streets

Group says hundreds will join its protest.

Cash available for grass roots sport

A one-off grant aims to increase participation in sport.

The county council is a remote behemoth which acts as it...

The Wilson Perspective: There is a democratic deficiency in the way KCC is run, argues Dave Wilson.

City’s new forum for debate is failing to discuss prickly issues

Cllr Alan Baldock is unimpressed with the debating space for city-specific issues.

Buskers should consider their surroundings when performing, says council

Councillors will discuss street performing and skateboarding when they meet next week.

Council HQ could be demolished to make way for more housing

The authority is considering moving to new purpose-built premises.

Extra city centre market days planned for Christmas build-up

An application is going before the council's planning committee.

Council should examine its conscience in using firms like Google and...

Nick Eden-Green says the authority is right to chase a firm for unpaid taxes, but wonders about its ties to giant tech firms.

How can the city council not be making any preparations for...

The Wilson Perspective: Dave Wilson asks why the city council appears to be procrastinating over the implications of leaving the European Union.

Weeks of roads misery ahead of Christmas as multi-storey work gets...

City council announces timetable for first stages of the controversial project.
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