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How to break the Brexit deadlock

Alex Lister says there is only one way anyone can get what they want

New poll shows Canterbury now backs Remain

Survation was one of the few polling companies to accurately predict the outcome of the referendum

How can the city council not be making any preparations for...

The Wilson Perspective: Dave Wilson asks why the city council appears to be procrastinating over the implications of leaving the European Union.

Voters less likely to support MP if she blocks Brexit, says...

Labour's Rosie Duffield campaigned to remain in the European Union and warned that a no deal Brexit would be a disaster.

Duffield: No deal Brexit will be a disaster for businesses all...

The MP spoke out after the government issued guidance in the event of no deal being struck as Britain leaves the European Union.

Brexit, the Tories, business rates and VAT blamed for city shop’s...

Speciality shop leaves city centre with strident parting message.

“Increased risks” to Kent if govt does not deliver frictionless border...

Paul Carter will issue a stark warning next week.

Anti-Brexit group to hold rally

Pulse of Europe was founded in response to the 2016 referendum result.

Veteran actor: Brexit’s an absolute mess, but I’d love to do...

Brian Croucher believes the nation's biggest issue is a suitable subject for drama.

Canterbury MP rebels against Labour Party in Brexit vote

Duffield has also resigned her position as Parliamentary Private Secretary.

Which side did our MPs sit in yesterday’s key Brexit vote?

MPs discussed a motion to reject a demand for a "meaningful vote" on Brexit.

Anti-Brexit rally planned for city centre

Protesters Pulse of Europe will again take to city streets.
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