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Archbishop of Canterbury will baptise Prince Louis

It's been quite a year for both the Royal Family and Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury. Having overseen the marriage of Prince Harry and...

Archbishop of Canterbury working to fix the date of Easter

Justin Welby and other Christian leaders are in discussions to set a globally accepted time to mark the Resurrection.

Students should not have to pay tuition fees, says Archbishop of...

Higher education should be paid for by government - not out of students' own pockets, Justin Welby has said.

The Archbishop, Meghan Markle and some very awkward questions

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby conducted a personal interview with divorcee Meghan Markle ahead of his marrying her to Prince Harry in May.

Personal debt at “epidemic levels”, warns the Archbishop of Canterbury

A Christian charity report finds clients contemplating ending their lives as a result of debt.

Open church doors to rough sleepers, urges Archbishop of Canterbury

Justin Welby says this is one way the church can help those most in need.

Archbishop of Canterbury “does not like what he sees” of modern...

Justin Welby will speak at Christ Church as he publishes a controversial new book which provides a searing indictment of the nation.

Archbishop: Baptising Meghan Markle was “great privilege”

Justin Welby will oversee the the royal wedding between the divorcee and fifth in line to the throne Prince Harry in May.

Stephen Hawking to confirm whether God exists

Prof Hawking participated in a well-publicised spat with the former archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams.

Trump and Kim should watch film about nuclear Armageddon, says Archbishop

Justin Welby recommends that the sabre-rattling pair watch The Day After which portrays life after a nuclear attack.

Archbishop of Canterbury: I don’t know why US Christians support Trump

With a state visit by the US President on the cards for later this year, Justin Welby discusses how he would react to it.

Police could probe ex-Archbishop of Canterbury over sex abuse cover-up claim

Police and prosecutors are studying the contents of a report to determine whether criminal charges could be brought against George Carey.
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